What Do I Wear?

Our style focuses on YOU, so the clothing is secondary! That being said, wear clothes that reflect your personal style. When choosing your clothing, be aware that the most importrant thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfits. Most clients select casual clothing for a more laid back look or dressy outfits for a more formal look. Try on your outfits. Be critical of the way they fit. Are you pleased with the "look?" If you don't like a certain "look" in the mirror, then you won't like that "look" in a photo either.

Camera Colors

The camera loves solid colors & jewel tones. Black is black & it looks great on everyone, but brown, navy & dark gray can give you the same effect. Think "creative." Think "variety." Think "outside the box!"

Optical Illusion

If you normally wear glasses, they should be part of your portrait. We control the reflections to the best of ability by adjusting your pose, but sometimes it's impossible to completely eliminate glare. If you have thick lenses or have had severe reflection problems in the past, you may want to ask your optometrist to loan you frames with no lenses for your photo shoot.


We advise you wear your makeup in your normal style. Simply apply it slightly heavier than normal. Note: Avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine, an almost metallic gleam that destroys the appearance of your skin texture. Control shininess in the sun by using translucent powder.

Salon Extras

The way you wear your hair is part of your self-image. We know you want to look like yourself in your portraits, so we discourage radical changes in your hairstyle. Likewise, haircuts should be made at least a full week before your appointment. If you completely color your hair, retouching your roots is a must. For highlights & tints, make an appointment at your salon a week or two in advance of your session. Quick, easy hairstyle changes during your shoot are super, but practice doing such quick-changes, so you don't lose time in front of the camera.

Got Bronze?

We warn you not to over-do the tanning bed or sun. Your skin will have a natural luster & color if you let it rest from tanning for three days before your session.

Breakout Blues

All of your finished portraits will be retouched, so don't worry if your complexion breaks out right before your shoot.

Weather Report

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Do not worry if it rains on your scheduled outdoor session. We will reschedule your session for a better day.